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We have professional tutors of IB Higher Level and standard level Physics . Our   online tutors also have experience with the AP Physics, SAT physics, and IB/IGCSE Physics .  In addition to formal physics and mathematics tutoring our tutors have considerable experience preparing students to take the SAT and SAT II university entrance examinations.

Our tutors have a proven record of helping students to achieve top grades in their physics and mathematics coursework, paving the way for their admission to reputable universities throughout the world. Lessons will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the student, consistent with the educational and professional goals shared by the student and his or her family.

  We provide best online tutors for all IB subjects in different countries including Singapore, Bahrain, HongKong, Canada, Germany, United Kingdon, United States of America, Malaysia, Switzerland,Australia, Norway, etc.

We can provide any time convenient for student and our tutors are flexible in time and mode of tuition.  Please try our tutors  if you are looking for knowledgeable, experienced, and highly effective tutor of advanced high school physics and mathematics.


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